Content writing tips in 2023: How to write engaging content?

In the fast-paced world of content creation in 2023, engaging writing remains a coveted skill. If you’re seeking to enhance your writing abilities, you’ve come to the right place. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, and I’m certainly not a millionaire, but I’m here to share some valuable content writing tips that have transformed my writing journey.

Read More To Write Better

Nothing can stop you from becoming a good writer if you are a good reader. A person who goes through tons of written content has detailed knowledge and different ideas. Whether it’s a novel or a newspaper, you must read to grab different writing styles, formats, and vocabulary. 

Additionally, you can imitate your favorite writer and use their writing style as inspiration. But wait, I am not advising you to copy the other ideas. Most writers need to correct their mistakes when they mock or rewrite the content. Always remember coping is a curse in content writing. If you do that, you can never come up with your ideas.

Originality is the seed of creativity; copying may grow a plant, but it will never bear fruit

Practice Is All You Need:

As myself a writer, I know that it can be tricky sometimes. It feels so tiring when you don’t understand where to start or what to write. But don’t worry, all you need is practice. 

The first step to being a good writer is to write constantly. Keep going while you are writing or when new ideas come to mind. Your vocabulary, writing speed, and style will eventually increase with constant practice. Once you get with the flow, writing will be easy, like a hot knife running through butter. 

Always Be The Point

Your content should deliver a clear message to the readers. Don’t overuse the words such as “very,” “just,” or “overly” in your article. These words tend to cloud your messages and produce fluff in your content. If you use simple terms, the reader will be attracted to you. 

It is observed that shorter sentences with simple terminology make more impact on the readers than longer sentences with challenging vocabulary.

Create An Outline Before Starting 

Another vital content writing secret is to create an outline before starting. That maintains the flow of your content, and you will remain on to the point. This makes it easier for your readers to follow your thought process and understand your message.

Outlining your content allows you to organize your ideas clearly and logically. Tracing can be especially useful when working on a project with others. It provides a clear structure and framework for everyone to follow, making it easier to divide tasks and collaborate effectively.

Proofread And Edit Your Creation

A first article is always complete once you proofread it and edit your creation. There are always improvement areas that can become better by rereading it. There are various techniques to proofread the article. Some of these are listed below:

  • Read the article backward because it helps you to notice mistakes correctly 
  • Don’t do proofreading immediately after writing an essay because your brain may not be able to find the gaps 
  • If you are a team or two, it’s always good to do proofreading by another writer. 
  • Replace passive with active voice wherever possible 
  • Don’t do keyword-stuffing 
  • Avoid fluff 

There are many content writing tools or AI software that can do proofreading for you. But no device can do better than any human. That’s why I recommend you proofread once by yourself, too

Add FAQ Section 

This section helps you to rank your article in Google. FAQ means “Frequently Asked Question” that helps answer any small problem the audience faces regarding their concerns. By including relevant keywords in your questions and answers, you can increase your chances of appearing in search results for relevant queries.

Additionally, with the help of this section, you will be able to highlight the essential keywords you missed in the article. Overall, it is an excellent way to improve the user experience, build trust, and support sales and conversions.

Ask Your Audience 

Ask your audience a lot of questions regarding their problems. This is like creating a hook that keeps readers on your page. After the heading, You have around three seconds to keep a reader’s clip on your article. 

Create Your Routine And Writing Habits 

Every writer’s life is different, but every professional writer has a routine that opens their mind. Call it discipline, but I would like to consider it a habit. 

I am not telling you to wake up at 5 a.m. and start writing. Firstly, find out what is the time in which you are most creative or more relaxed. Then, dedicate the time to writing. For example, if you are a morning person, then there is a chance that your brain works fast at that time, and you get some new ideas. 


 On the other hand, if you spend most of the time with your child, it is impossible to get some silence to think. So, set a time when everyone is sleeping or busy with work. Also, getting enough sleep is essential in writing. Our brain pays our bills, so it also needs to give some attention. 


All I want to say is to manage your time. Eliminate the activities in your life to give writing more time. It’s all about spending your least energy on things you love. 

It’s All About Good Research. 

For me, writing is all about research. Start finding your words in books, blogs, and news; then, you get the ideas and write them down quickly. Get used to noticing thoughts and writing them on paper or your notepad. 


I know what I will write when I start to write because I already have ideas. This is because I do research. That doesn’t even need to go outside or not. It requires money. All you need is a constant flow of research and ideas you can use in writing. 

I still remember when it was impossible for me, but when you start flowing with the flow, ideas will never be your problem again.

Learn From Your Experience

Here is the question for you 

If someone writes ten articles, which article is better? Number 1 or number 10? 

The answer is obvious: number 10 because practice and experience improve everything. 


I also have self-doubt, fear of judgment, and rejection, as do we all. But the thing is, never stop, make mistakes, and learn from your experience. 

Also, relax and take writing as fun, like watching a money heist. Focus on trying your best and then learn from it. 


You will need to find a way to get the exact content writing tips. What I wrote above is something that I got from my experience. These content-writing tips are also essential. Besides this,  You read this article and many others, but at some point, you will go over it. It is so much different to learn from doing rather than reading. 

So, I advised you not to be afraid of experiments and taking risks. Yes, you will get knocked down. Sometimes, you will fail. But get up and give it another go. 


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